FREE Voice and Visual orchestration for all the incoming orders!!

Every member of your crew could be a Tom Cruise!

Supports Leading Voice Assistants & Smart Displays!

Predictable wait times for delivery orders.


In-house app orders, take outs, delivery orders all of them sync to single dashboard!

Gig Workers

Realtime Order status to schedule pickups to manage time and earnings.


Predictable wait times for delivery orders.

Restaurant Staff

All Orders is your AI sidekick to retrieve/confirm/update orders without hassle.

Voice and Visual Order Orchestration!!

All Orders™, works out of the box with leading voice assistants and on a variety of smart displays. Staff can retrieve, confirm, and update all incoming orders. FREE platform, with open API, and schema to suit your requirements. Feel free to signup and reach out to us.

Open AI Platform for your Brand

Pricing Table


< 10 Employees



< 20 Employees



< 30 Employees