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Hostbuddy Difference

no-code AI platform

Brands, can go live on Alexa and Assistant without spending millions of dollars and within hours.

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Save money on per order commission. Delight guests with user experience and build long term loyalty with your brand.

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Find new users on Hostbuddy network, while making it easy for consumers to engage daily. 

Go Live on Alexa and Assistant

Hostbuddy’s RestaurantAI™ and ML trained on more than 10,000 menu items to provide you intelligent conversation management and analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a consumer, how do I Order Food ?

Consumer can order food at establishments using Hostbuddy Voice Assistant without downloading an app, that is directly from Gooogle Asistant on search bar or Facebook messenger. Hostbuddy will build the personalized menu from the POS to your guest, consumers will customize the order, make payment and complete the purchase. Order goes directly to POS. Hostbuddy sends confirmation link to guest and staff notifies when order is ready for pickup.
It is not limited to ordering food, consumers can provide feedback, buy gift cards etc., using voice with our Restaurant AI™

I am a Restaurant, how do I implement?

Restaurant will download HostBuddy merchant app on to their POS or to a tablet and completes registration, restaurant will be immediately visible on Google Assitant. Hostbuddy will pick up the inventory from POS and send orders from consumers, its plug & play AI.
Kitchen Maestro is our Voice Assistant for the staff, chef can view incoming orders on the kitchen display, provide live updates about the order without touching the tablet or app. Our framework allows integration with in-house app as well as delivery partners and route orders automatically. App provides detailed insights for the restaurant owner.

John Doe - Developer

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John Doe - Developer

App Screen / Conversations:

Increased drink orders!

Guests could repeat order drinks/food through earbuds. Glad to be part of HostBuddy ecosystem.

– Olivia P (Main Street Bagels)

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Hostbuddy is the no-code AI platform, that supports complete software stack for digitization of your brand!!