On Boarding

Some restaurant owners work their salary into their business model so that they will get paid right away. Others pay themselves a percentage of the restaurant’s profitability once...

Why We Built HostBuddy?

In my family, we constantly text each other, because it’s fun and fast. Olive Garden famously said, “when you are here, you are a family”. For restaurants to cozy up with consumers like their family, they should leverage SMS/texting.
In the last decade, every restaurant brand built an app, consumers rarely download an app, even if they have downloaded for a promotion, they will delete it soon. Users call the business when they are in a hurry or rely on aggregator apps like DoorDash, which typically charge restaurants for each order, and also menu prices are spiked for the consumer to pay extra.

Restaurants have labor shortages and staff are over extended, they don’t have time to answer phones or engage in chat to answer a question. Hence we built automated conversations over SMS and phone lines, while leveraging advances in Large language models (LLM) to the reach of every small business while seamlessly integrating with sellers existing workflow over POS.