Thriving In 2024: Tips For Restaurant Operators (Updated)

Some restaurant owners work their salary into their business model so that they will get paid right away. Others pay themselves a percentage of the restaurant’s profitability once...

2023 marked the transition into what many have called the “post-pandemic era,” with lifted restrictions and a return to normalcy for both the workforce and public life. However, the restaurant industry continued to face challenges in recovering, experiencing a delay in workforce restoration and grappling with record inflation affecting costs.

Despite these hurdles, the outlook for 2024 appears optimistic for restaurants, as the industry is witnessing strong job growth amid subsiding inflation concerns and rising consumer confidence.

These positive trends presents an opportunity for restaurant operators to regain profitability in the coming year. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for restaurant operators to navigate crucial aspects of hiring and store operations in 2024.

Tailoring Restaurant Hiring To Attract A New Generation Of Workers (Updated)

Gen Z, those born mid-1990s to early 2010s, continue to enter the restaurant industry en masse every year. To attract these employees, it’s essential to tailor hiring practices accordingly. Many Gen Z employees are socially conscious, so emphasizing involvement in causes such as a low carbon footprint or the use of local/sustainable ingredients can attract them.

Gen Z, often referred to as “digital natives,” prefer digital communication and technology, even in job applications. To cater to this preference, many restaurants are adopting applicant tracking systems (ATS) for hiring. These systems automate various aspects of the hiring process, facilitating streamlined communication and scheduling through digital means like text messages.